30 Days to Clarity

A Seasonal Intensive


Standing on a threshold is a natural time for reflection, intention setting, and envisioning the path ahead. In the spirit of fresh beginnings, I’m thrilled to introduce a special offering that goes beyond resolutions—it’s an immersive journey designed to bring clarity, intention, and lasting well-being into your life.

This 1:1 intensive guides you through a holistic exploration of issues you identify, integrating evidence-based practices, mindfulness techniques, and personalized strategies.

Introducing “30 Days to Clarity”: A Holistic Exploration of Intentional Living

What is '30 Days to Clarity'?

“30 Days to Clarity” is a transformative course meticulously crafted for individuals seeking a holistic approach to intentional living. As a seasoned health psychologist and meditation teacher, I have carefully curated this program to guide you through a journey that blends evidence-based practices, meditation, mindfulness techniques, and personalized strategies.

Why '30 Days to Clarity'?

Life is a journey, and sometimes, the path forward isn’t as clear as we’d like it to be. This program is not just about setting goals; it’s about understanding yourself on a deeper level, cultivating mindfulness, and fostering habits that lead to lasting well-being.

What to Expect

1. Commencement and Conclusion Sessions: The course begins with two powerful 90-minute sessions that set the tone for your transformative journey. These sessions are designed to ground you in the present, provide clarity on your intentions, and create a roadmap for the days ahead. The course concludes with a reflective session, allowing you to celebrate your growth and achievements.

2. Individual Guidance: Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to engage in five individual sessions. These personalized sessions will provide a space for you to delve deeper into your unique challenges, strengths, and aspirations. Together, we will tailor strategies that align with your goals.

3. Daily Supportive Emails: Receive a daily dose of inspiration and guidance directly to your inbox for the entire 30-day duration. These emails will contain valuable information, evidence-based skills, and practical strategies aimed at clearing the fog that may cloud your path and help you identify a way forward.

Who Can Benefit

  • Individuals seeking clarity in their personal or professional lives.
  • Those looking to integrate mindfulness and meditation into their daily routines.
  • Anyone desiring evidence-based strategies for improved mental and emotional well-being.

This Course Includes:

A 90-minute session to explore where you are currently.

5 Weekly 60 minute sessions with Susan Barber Skinner, PhD

Daily emails to build your skills

A 90-minute concluding session to map your path forward.

Session Outline:

Introductory session: Identifying the Challenge
Foundations of Mindfulness and Awareness
Session 1: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
Session 2: Creating a Supportive Environment
Session 3: Emotional Regulation and Self-Compassion
Session 4: Cultivating Joy and Purpose
Session 5: Integration and Future Planning
Concluding session: Celebrating Yourself

Join Us on this Journey

Embark on this transformative adventure with us as we step into the new year with purpose and intention. “30 Days to Clarity” is not just a course; it’s an investment in yourself, a commitment to growth, and an opportunity to cultivate a life aligned with your truest aspirations.

Are you ready to clear the fog and illuminate your path forward? Join us on this transformative journey into intentional living.

Susan Barber Skinner, PhD

Dr. Susan Barber Skinner is a multifaceted professional with a background in health psychology, clinical mental health counseling, and a passion for integrating the realms of meditation, art, and holistic well-being. Susan is the founder of Hope Springs Healing Arts Studio, a virtual haven that provides a diverse range of live and on-demand services designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.
Susan holds a Ph.D. in health psychology and a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. A seasoned health psychologist, she has dedicated her career to understanding the intricate interplay between mental health and overall well-being. This understanding forms the foundation of her unique approach to fostering holistic healing.

In addition to her clinical work, Susan actively participates in The Interdependence Project’s Meditation Teacher Training Program, where she is honing her skills as a meditation teacher. This commitment reflects her dedication to mindfulness practices and their profound impact on mental and emotional wellness.

Susan is also an artist, infusing her work with the transformative power of creative expression. Whether guiding participants through the strokes of a paintbrush or the rhythmic dance of weaving, Susan believes in the therapeutic potential of artistic endeavors as a means of self-discovery and healing.