Transformational Therapy Services for Healing and Hope

Heal. Grow. Thrive.

Hope Springs Healing Arts Studio helps women heal, grow, and thrive in whatever way this means for them. As a virtual studio, we provide support to people and organizations as you identify and work with your strengths to build resilience and hope. As your guide, I use my years of research, experiences, and connections to help you reach your goals.

Individual therapy

My services involve meeting you where you are, listening to your experiences, and developing a plan to address the challenges you face. Together we create a safe space for healing and growth that involves translating evidence-based therapies into tools you can use every day.

I work with people seeking help with sleep, overcoming depression, managing anxiety, and attention issues. I focus on your lived experience and behaviors, supporting you in exploring new thoughts and behaviors.

Services for those struggling with addiction and their allies are also available. These services may involve individual and/or family sessions.

Individual plans vary to suit personal preferences but will typically include:

  • Four 60-minute calls per month
    direct access to me with ongoing support via text, e-mail, and phone
  • Resources to assist you with assignments or challenges


Evidence-based, solution-focused services designed to meet a specific need over eight weeks. Examples of intensives include: improving sleep behavior, managing anxiety with planning, or coping with an event or holiday. Intensives include eight individual therapy sessions with assignments to be completed between sessions to build skill sets or adopt new behaviors.

Subscription Newsletter, Classes, and Workshops

Hope Springs Healing Arts Studio is the home of my online community, offering a monthly themed newsletter with information, resources, journaling prompts, and more. Subscribers also have an opportunity to purchase live and/or on-demand classes such as therapeutic art journaling, knitting, and mark-making.

Getting Started

Reach Out

Get in touch via direct message or email to schedule an appointment

Intial appointment

In the first appointment, you will have an opportunity to tell me about what prompted your call and a bit about yourself. I will give you a brief summary of my services and suggest a preliminary path forward.


Based on my recommendation you might schedule another appointment or access other resources.


About my practice

My practice emerged through exploring how my clinical work could support women creatives and their uniquely wired minds. It has expanded organically as new clients sought help with grief, anxiety, and attention issues.

Today I offer a full range of evidence-based clinical services that I have translated into accessible and actionable tools for individual change.

Susan Barber Skinner, PhD

I am a curious person and life long learner interested in developing the link between my own creative interests and clinical skills that are responsive to the unique needs of living in these times. My professional training includes a Master’s in clinical mental health counseling and a Ph.D. in health psychology. I also attend art classes, small workshops, and international conferences on clinical and creative practices.

By working with a coach and online communities I have continued to learn about the value of community, movement, and meditation. I am continually expanding my knowledge in these areas to support my own growth and to share this work with clients.

Client Feedback

I highly recommend Susan. I’ve been working with her for years and I have learned to sleep better and navigate difficult moments life throws. She’s patient and really wants the best for whomever she works with. Kimberly Reiter

I find our sessions absolutely lifegiving. Susan is helping me to understand and care for myself in ways I’d never thought of before.

Finding a therapist was never easy for me. I always felt judged by them. Then I met Susan. Her calm demeanor and collaborative approach to getting to the root of my concerns were just what I needed. Her methods of treatment and explanations work for me and she is always open to discussion and adjustments. There is simply a comfort level I’ve never found before with other therapists.

I have shared things with Susan I have never said out loud and felt heard. She listened and helped me make sense of my experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance or work with insurance companies. That protects your privacy and my time.

Are you a licensed psychologist?

I am licensed through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Do I need to attend sessions every week?

No, you and I will develop and agree to a schedule based on your needs and goals.

How long are sessions? Do I need to use video?

Sessions are typically one hour. We might choose to work via Zoom or phone, the choice is yours.

How do I pay for sessions?

You will receive an invoice via email through PayPal. Sessions are payable in advance. We will agree to fee for each session or for any other service in advance.